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About Us


The Acting Out Playhouse began 16 summers ago when its founder, award-winning director and choreographer, Terry Odell, heard a call to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  She started a program called CPR, Children Performing for Relief, to raise money for the families victimized by the horrible disaster.  They worked hard, produced and performed several concerts in Orange County, NY that raised over $2500 for students in New Orleans.  During the project, it became clear that the positive affect on the children involved here was immeasurable.  Life skills were built, empathy and teamwork taught, a sense of pride in accomplishment and purpose.  At that moment, Terry saw the importance of dedicating her professional life to the opening of an official theater group for children that would be built on those very principals, and The Acting Out Playhouse was born.
The Playhouse is now an important learning and social community for over 150 Orange County children.  We have produced over 30 full-scale productions, performing them on small Black Box stages as well as on some of the largest venues in the area, such as the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center. Money has been raised for local and national charities and performed for schools, senior centers and local fairs.  

The AOP Team



William T Odell
Terry Odell

Terry has over 40 years of experience in the Performing Arts as a director, choreographer, dance instructor, performer and vocalist.  This expertise, combined with her Elementary and Special Needs teaching experience has culminated in the creation of the area’s finest children’s performing arts school and theater; one which often welcomes back children who have even already experienced nearby Broadway and Off-broadway successes.

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